Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Extended Capacity Battery for Dell

When it comes to getting the most from your computer, having a larger battery can give you more performance and a better experience than you might expect. While most computers come with a 4-6 cell lithium ion battery, Dell is now selling 9-cell batteries that are designed for longer use than any battery before it. If you are searching for an extended capacity battery for Dell laptops, you do have a couple of different options. The OEM battery from dell is the first option, and is rated at 81wh, which is quite a feat compared to traditional batteries. Of course, there is also the generic 85wh battery that gives a little more power if you are willing to risk a generic manufacturer.

It's not that generic batteries are bad. In fact, you can often get better deals on an extended capacity battery for Dell laptops when you buy generic. However, these batteries are NOT manufactured by Dell and are designed to be mass-produced which is why the price is so much cheaper. The quality might be fine, but there are generally more flaws and issues with these batteries than if you buy OEM. Make sure that if you are willing to buy generic, you are prepared for anything that might occur.

Issues with batteries are generally rare, as long as you are shopping with a trusted retailer who knows their laptop batteries well. An extended capacity battery for Dell is a great investment because you can get far more use out of your battery than you might with a traditional size battery. For a computer that used to get 2-3 hours on a charge, an extended battery might increase that to 4-5 hours, which is quite an improvement. Some extended capacity batteries even claim to last up to 6 hours or more, which can be a great investment for many people.

Buying batteries is a lot of work. However, if you want an extended capacity battery for Dell laptops, you have to weigh your options. Dell does manufacture 9-cell batteries for extended use now, and there are also generic products on the market to choose from if you want to save money or get a better selection. Ultimately, the decision will be yours to make. However, you should be aware of the options that you have and know the difference between generic and OEM batteries so that you can get exactly what you need.


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